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CarGO Car Transportation

Luxury Car Transportation

CarGO Car Transport Ltd provide transportation services across the United Kingdom and Europe, established to deliver convenient solutions for private individuals, dealerships, manufacturers, brokers, import/exporters and racing teams.

Our wealth of experience for delivering safe and secure transport solutions ensures vehicles are transported in the most efficient and secure manner. Delivering your luxury vehicles from door-to-door with guaranteed high levels of security and tracking systems, protecting your vehicle throughout its journey.

CarGO Car Transport’s drivers are fully trained, with over 6 years experience, transporting and delivering vehicles across the United Kingdom and overseas. Ensuring our door-to-door service is seamless, from the pick up location to your drop off destination. Our premium transport vehicles fully enclose your valuable assets, protecting them from damage and adverse weather conditions during the journey, allowing our clients to have peace of mind.

Having extensive knowledge within the motorsport industry, working within F1 for 5 years, and a further 5 in WRC, we also transport race cars for important events, maintaining and building a satisfied customer base within the industry.

Brands we've worked with


CarGO’s drivers are fully covered, offering a safe, secure & reliable enclosed transportation service to clients based all over the UK, Europe & Russia


Offering a secure vehicle storage package to clients looking to house their vehicles at a safe, secure and discreet location.


We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service for our clients, therefore we are constantly on the lookout for like-minded, skilled individuals who share this passion.